Xscape the Room

These live escape games are the brainchild of Delaware Countians Rosemary Fox and Carlin McCoy, whose professional backgrounds include theater, business, organizational management, software design, education, and community planning. Their combined love of design and gaming has fed their passion for building immersive games that bring people together for entertainment and quality bonding time!Rosemary and Carlin reside in Delaware County, PALed by trained facilitators, you and your teammates get “locked” into a room and have one hour to escape. Collect the clues and solve the puzzles, problems, and riddles that lead to your escape. No special skills or knowledge required, just the desire to have fun!

Xscape The Artist’s Sanctum

The Artist has invited you to participate in an experiment but things go horribly wrong. Trapped inside his lair you have one hour to follow the trail left behind by those who came before you. Unravel hidden messages and decode a secret language to escape the Artist’s Sanctum before it’s too late.

The Classroom

It’s exam time and you haven’t studied; in fact, you don’t remember going to class at all! To get out of this crazy school you must pass a new kind of FINAL EXAM.

The Safe House

A dangerous mission is aborted. You and your team of top agents return to The Safe House to await further instructions. But is it really as safe as you think? You have one hour to complete your new mission and escape before it’s too late….

The Speakeasy

It’s the roaring 20s where Prohibition rules but nothing can stop the fun. Welcome to Bugsy’s Juice Joint; biz is booming and the joint is hoppin’; you and your pals want in on the action but Bugsy ain’t in a sharing mood. Find the hidden cash and scram before Bugsy and his goons return and blast you a new one!

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X-Scape the Room
1 and 25 W Third St
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