Val Shively's R&B Records

Val with Johnny Maestro, lead singer
of The Crests and Brooklyn Bridge
If you are obsessed with "vinyl," and records and music of days gone by, there is no more iconic place then Val Shively's R&B records located in the 69th Street area of Upper Darby.

Val can be downright unfriendly to strangers, and from what we hear, harder to get an audience with than the Pope. But if you "know your stuff" and can tolerate, the mess and the blasphemies, R&B is worth a visit. You won't be welcome, but that's part of the charm. Maybe you can just walk by on your way from the H-Mart and peer through the dirty window. It will be well worth the visit!

Val Shively’s R&B Records

49 Garrett Road • Upper Darby, PA 19082
610-352-2320  •