This is where Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) says: 
"I'm gonna make him a hoagie he can't refuse."  

Making as many as 1,000 hoagies a week, it's obvious that Delco residents love the Ro-Lynn Delicatessen in Brookhaven, as much as they love "...the cannolis!"

Walking in the door is like walking into the heart of South'll find some of the best Italian food in five states.  There are specialty meats and dozens of cheeses hanging above the counter, creating a scent-sational aroma...

Shelves are lined with boundless varieties of olive oil, Italian sauces, olives, hot sauces, rare spices and pasta. Refrigerator cases overflow with luscious take home goodies like imported meats and cheeses.  

And if you really want to impress a guest? ...the deli's freezers are fully stocked with homemade soups and dishes that taste like your Italian grandmother made them!
   ...Just hours ago
     ...With family recipes passed down through generations...
        ...Lovingly spiced...well, you get my drift ;)

FYI:  Many an Italian grandmother has been seen leaving here with big bags...

  • Everything is fresh including meats and cheeses sliced with each order.
  • All the sauces and more than 16 soups are homemade with secret recipes worthy of a Godfather's protection.
  • There's a different chicken cutlet for every chicken lover... 
  • And their famous hot roast pork, roast beef, meatballs and sausage dishes are also homemade and delizioso!

But the biggest, baddest sandwich in the place is The Godfather
...two pounds of pure deliciousness featuring a heaping portion of Parma Prosciutto, Soppressata, Dry Capicola, Pepper Ham and Sharp Provolone with lettuce, tomato, onion, salt, pepper and oregano -- on a soft, welcoming Liscio's Roll -- freely topped with your choice of hot & sweet peppers, pickles, oil and mayo.
The regular is $9.99 -- and the virtual 2-pound Corleone version is just $12.99.  

As you can see from the photo, left...our Delco tourism team can't resist it! 

We sent Marilyn, our Membership Director, out for lunch today --and guess what she brought back to the office???!!!

A True Delco Classic - 51 years and counting!
The Carmolingo family opened the deli in 1965 featuring a variety of Italian specialties and homemade foods.  Current co-owners Steve Yancy and Dave Avicolli, worked for the Carmolingo's for a decade before taking over ownership of the deli in 1998.  

Today, with the help of a dedicated staff, Steve and Dave continue the tradition of offering the finest, homemade Italian specialties -- and have even added a thriving catering business to the mix!

LOCATION: 3407 Edgmont Avenue Brookhaven, PA 19015     
PHONE: 610-872-9575